Pelican Beach Resort - Dangriga, Belize
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"Been coming to Belize since 1980, Pelican is by far the very best on the coast and gets better every year."

Jack & Kathy Woody
New Mexico

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Dangriga is alive with many interesting characters who have contributed to art, music, business and science both on the local and global scene.
  • Pen Cayetano - Garifuna painter and music and founder of "Punta Rock" a successfully fusion of Garifuna drumming and percussion with electric guitar licks and catchy lyrics. While many of the songs included the use of the Belizean lingua franca, Kriol, the prevailing language of Punta Rock is Garifuna. Studios for Pen and his German born wife Ingrid, are located near the Stann Creek Ecumenical High School.
  • Austin Rodriguez - Drum-maker extraordinaire who with his daughters demonstrate the making of traditional Garifuna drums under a thatched shed by the river.
  • Benjamin Nicholas -A talented, self taught artist, Benjamin Nicholas' primitive and colorful art depicts the history and traditions of the Garifuna culture and scenes from Dangriga.
  • Marie Sharp -The founder of world famous Marie Sharp's habanero pepper sauces and tropical fruit jams and jellies, was born and raised in Dangriga and still runs a thriving business based here.
  • Arlie Petters - Born and raised in Dangriga, Dr. Petters is currently the Benjamin Powell Professor at Duke University with triple appointments at with the Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, and the Fuqua School of Business.  Petters is renowned for his pioneering work in the mathematical theory and mathematical physics of gravitational lensing. His Petters Institute near the water tower, works with MBA students to promote social entrepreneurship in science and technology in Belize and the developing world.
The community is fundamentally matriarchal and it is not unusual to find 3 generations of women living the in the same house.  Women play a dominant role in Dangriga society - in the educational system, teaching profession, tourism businesses and government offices.