Pelican Beach Resort - Dangriga, Belize
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"Been coming to Belize since 1980, Pelican is by far the very best on the coast and gets better every year."

Jack & Kathy Woody
New Mexico

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"Sweet water is close at hand" is the loose translation of the Garifuna word Dangriga, the name of the coastal town where our mainland hotel is located."


“Authentic”, “colorful” and “unpretentious” aptly describe Dangriga (pop. 12,000), affectionately known as “the Culture Capital of Belize” and the largest town and municipal center in the Stann Creek District.

It is not unusual to encounter any of the following on a stroll through town:

  • Older women on their way from 6:00 a.m. Mass and on their way to the market afterwards for fresh catch of the day.
  • Swarms of uniform-clad school children on the way to and from Dangriga's 10 primary schools and 2 highschools
  • Barefoot children racing through town on bikes, fishing, or playing an impromptu soccer game on the beach.
  • Fierce domino competitions under several thatched sheds during the heat of the day and into the evening.
  • Shops that adorn streetsides with colorful food, clothing, shoes, furniture and hardware
  • Local sidewalk vendors with frozen "ideals", fresh fruit,  homemade pastries and freshly baked Creole breads and buns.
  • At week's end (and especially on paydays) the streets are crowded with lines of customers from the town and outlying districts snaking into the street from the banks and municipal offices.
At night and on weekends, the atmosphere is infused with music, and you can hear:
  • The rhythmic lure of Garifuna drums being beat at a wake in celebration of a life that passed, as a tribute to the ancestors, or just for the sheer joy of playing
  • Rap, reggae, soca, punta rock, hip hop and golden oldies competing with karaoke competitions at a few local nightclubs

Simply walk through Dangriga, and experience an authentic Belizean lifestyle!

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